Vocativ has released an excellent interactive graphic mapping trans rights across the country. Visibility and societal acceptance are progressing, but there is so much left to do. (via Vocativ

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can’t get enough of these birbs
Crow belongs to me and Owl belongs to night!! <3

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Crow and Owl doodles i did when taking a lil break from commissions uou <33


Erika Ervin on playing “Amazon Eve”


If You Think Being Shy Is Hard, See What People With Social Anxiety Deal With Every Day

If you dread public speaking or have panic attacks around new people, the feelings are real (and real scary). Millions of Americans live with social anxiety, and many wait more than 10 years before they get help.

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Inktober doodads of Crow and Owl <3


owl makes lil cute clicky sounds and hoots when nervous… crow likes to mimic them and get in their personal space which makes them more nervous! U_U

My sweet baby nervous.


It’s breast cancer awareness month and that means it’s time for a round-up of SocImages’ interrogation of breast cancer awareness month!

Our favorite finding? That the color pink actually makes women take breast cancer LESS seriously. Oops. That one’s first…

Social Psychology

Inequality and Breast Cancer Care


Sexual Objectification in Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer and the Social Construction of Gender

Simply Absurd

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spooky sweater 85 rmb


spooky sweater 85 rmb


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lycanboots said: UM I HAVE A CRUSH ON MARONHAL, are there boundaries and restrictions on what I can and can not draw him doing/presenting, etc? Like if he's ace (or possibly ace) i won't put him in a sexual pose obvs. I dunno I just. He's really. Oh gosh. dokidoki/////////


haha aww gosh! as it stands i think only herb is ace and aro, but if it doesn’t state a sexuality or gender or sex then everything is pretty much free game! i really wanted the characters to be as malleable as possible while still having some strong minority representation. by all means, have at it! i’d love to see it!

i will try to get more comics up and going. i’m sort of still getting my toes wet with the whole comic business, but theres a lot of new exciting things like, voice acting and full colored video comics coming soon. so stay tuned and thank you for your support it means so much to me!!! 

also, you aren’t alone! a lot of people seem to like maron.

Yes, please draw/write/imagine Maron how you like. He himself is not especially particular about things, unless it has something to do with food, cleanliness, or his temperature preference, haha.

It warms my heart to know people like him so much.

I fell in love with the majesty of colors.

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